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The Tarot of Cornelius Agrippa, 1978 limited edition
Sagarin Press, Sand Lake, New York
56 pages; ISBN: 0-915298-11-2

This is the first edition of The Tarot of Cornelius Agrippa by Frederick Morgan. The paper is 60 lb. Warren oldstyle, display type Caslon Openface, body type Janson. Designed by Nanci De Lucrezia and Roy Sagarin. Printed and bound at the Studley Press.

The edition is limited to one thousand copies. A great review!

shaker house poems
Shaker House Poems
I was the publisher of this finely  crafted book of poems which takes you through The Shaker life experience and reviews their craft and style. Lyn is a prolific artist and this is one of her finely crafted books. I would like to republish as an e-book and need to raise some funds to buy a scanner and new computer since I have been impoverished- lost my bookstore in upstate NY in the crash of 2008 and I am struggling to recreate some of the books I published in the 70's. Please  donate button down the page.
Thanks for reading.

The Juggler

by Siv Cedering Fox etchings by Bill Brauer

The Juggler    The Juggler
I was the publisher. It was published in a very limited edition hardcover if I remember correctly about 100or200 signed and numbered copies and an edition of 1000 paperback. Now it is fast becoming a collector's item and I want to republish as an e-book. I need to raise a few dollars to scan and republish several titles I did in the 70's all of which are out of print and rapidly becoming expensive collector items as used books. I need a few dollars to do this and if you help me I will send you copies of the digital books. I have a link below for donations.


On Balance

by Peter Kane Dufault

on balance  

      He has been writing poetry for almost sixty years. Raised in New York, he graduated from Harvard University and served as a bomber pilot during World War II. In 1968 Peter ran for Congress in Columbia County, New York on the Liberal Party's anti-war platform.  He ran against G. Gordon Liddy (who went to prison for crimes committed during the Nixon administration's Watergate scandal and is now a talk show host); Liddy was a Dutchess County assistant district attorney who repeatedly tried to have Timothy Leary arrested on drug charges. Liddy once fired a gun in the Dutchess County courthouse. I recall he put up roadblocks around Millbrook where Tim Leary lived to capture the "hippies".

     Peter has been variously employed as a tree-surgeon, journalist, teacher, house-painter, and pollster; he has twice been poet-in-residence at the Cheltenham Festival. He is well known as fiddler, banjo-player, and dance-caller. His poems have appeared in many magazines and journals including The New Yorker, London Magazine and Poetry. He  lived and writes in a cabin he built in Hillsdale, New York.

Below is "An American Poet's State of the Union" a video by Peter Kane Dufault 

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In 1976 I published the book: WALLENDA  
A Biography of Karl Wallenda by Ron Morris. It  
was published in Chatham New York by Sagarin 
Press. It is 182 pages plus a dozen pages of classic
photos of the Wallenda's from the 1800's until the
mid seventies.

As far back as 1780, in the cafes of Old Bohemia  in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the ancestral Wallenda family was a traveling circus troupe consisting of acrobats, jugglers, clowns, aerialists and animal trainers all in one family.  

The family is still performing 
I am preparing the book for digital publishing so
please let me know if you would like a copy.
You can get a copy here: http://igg.me/at/karl/x/577431?temp-new-window-replacement=true 
Wallenda cover for the book
RE: Karl Wallenda I had dinner with Karl in 1976 when the book came out. He had 2 martinis with dinner. I laughed, stunned and asked him how he could then go up on the wire and perform a few hours later. He giggled and said "I go back to my motel and take a little nap then I am ready to go on"
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